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AXAlgorithm Transformation

Acceleration Program


In recent years, we have begun to enter an era where software and people are constantly connected. As the term “soft”ware implies, it is a “soft” technology shaped by human intentions.

The role of future software is neither to replace human capabilities nor to take away human jobs.

“A future where software evolves together with people, solving various problems left behind in society.”

By having software closely support individuals and extend their wishes and skills, each person’s unique differences can shine as value in a dimension different from before. We believe that such a truly diverse world can be created.

We call the role of future software, which involves the “co-evolution of humans and software,” “AX of Software = Algorithm Transformation.”

Acceleration Program


As part of this program, we will hold events primarily aimed to sharing the latest AI and business trends. Within these events, we will also hold Demo Day for the companies selected in the program. In addition to Open Day, we will also host programs related to overseas expansion.